Academic Calendar 2022-23 
    Apr 24, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2022-23 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration - Marketing (Bachelor’s Degree)

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Total Credits: 120+
Credential: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
Program Code: BUS.MARK.BDEG
CIP: 52.0201


The Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing provides learners with a depth of understanding of various marketing and organizational communication functions.

Graduates will gain a broad range of marketing management skills and techniques, including context for strategic management and planning, and a focus on directing the marketing and communications process. 

Applied, experiential learning is an important and integrated part of the program. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities available to them to participate in an optional applied work experience during their program of study. 

Career/Academic Advancement Opportunities

Employment destinations include the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, including: Marketing, Communications or Information Officers; Business Development Managers; Marketing Managers/Coordinators; Public Relations Officers, Research Officers; Business Development Managers, Account Executives, and Sales Associates or Managers. Opportunities exist for graduates to pursue graduate studies at Royal Roads University (MBA), the University of Victoria (Masters in Global Studies), and Vancouver Island University (MBA in International Business) as well as at other post-secondary institutions across Canada and internationally.


One of:

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Critically apply a broad and coherent knowledge of foundational and contemporary business, marketing, and communications theories, concepts, practical principles and processes in diverse contexts.
  • Obtain, analyze and interpret data relevant to making evidence-based decisions and measuring effectiveness for evolving marketing tasks and activities in diverse environments. 
  • Evaluate relevant ethical, legal and sustainable considerations in an impartial way for evolving marketing tasks and activities.
  • Exercise judgment to recommend and operationalize appropriate solutions for marketing tasks and activities in diverse contexts. 
  • Communicate diverse ideas and strategies to internal and external audiences in a range of personal and group contexts.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and abilities in diverse contexts.


Year One

Year Two

All of:


* Students may substitute STAT 116 , or STAT 216  or STAT 218  

** Students may substitute PSYC 201  

*** TMGT 210 cancelled effective Fall 2021

Year Three

All of:


* Students may substitute a University Transfer Mathematics (Math)  course (except may not use STAT 116 , STAT 216  or STAT 218 )

Year Four

All of:


  • Neither MATH 135 nor MATH 137 may be used to meet any course requirement for completion of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing program
  • Courses not acceptable for use as electives in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing program are STAT 116 , STAT 216   or STAT 218  

Optional Program Credential Designation

Cooperative Education


A student who does not successfully complete three (3) Cooperative Work Experience courses will not qualify for a Cooperative Education Designation; however, the student will qualify for an Internship Designation if they have successfully completed a minimum of one (1) Cooperative Work Experience Course.


Program Participation Requirements

  • Many first year Business courses require Math as a prerequisite (e.g. “C” in Pre-calculus 11, Foundations of Math 11, MATH 073 MATH 077  or MATH 137; or “C+” in MATH 072 MATH 075  or MATH 135).  Students may enter this program without Math but please note, students must complete one of the Math courses as listed above or successfully complete Camosun’s Math assessment in or before their first semester of study

Program Completion Requirements

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