Academic Calendar 2022-23 
    Mar 23, 2023  
Academic Calendar 2022-23

Tuition & Fees

Camosun College expects every student who receives services for which a financial obligation is incurred to meet that obligation. Students are expected to review their registration summary and account balance regularly for accuracy. Failure to attend class, drop classes, or review account balance in myCamosun does not absolve students of their financial responsibility. Admission to or registration with Camosun College, issuing of official transcripts, and issuing of credentials may be withheld for failure to meet financial or other obligations to the College.

Application Fee

Domestic applicants

A non-refundable application fee is required per application for domestic students. Please note that incomplete or inadmissible applications will be active for up to 12 months pending receipt of documentation, and the non-refundable application fee will be retained.

Camosun College/UVic BSN applicants

A non-refundable application fee is required per application to the Camosun College/University of Victoria BSN Program. This amount reflects the Camosun College/University of Victoria BSN Program application fees for both Camosun and UVIC and includes transfer credit assessment. 

International applicants

A non-refundable application fee of $100 per application for international students is required. See Camosun International for full tuition and fee information.

Registration Deposit

All students (except Apprentice and general interest audit students) are required to pay a non-refundable registration deposit of $175 for each registration period. This deposit must be paid:

  • at least one week prior to their registration day; OR
  • according to deadlines provided by the Registrar’s Office when confirming acceptance into a program.

The non-refundable registration deposit is not an additional fee. It is tuition and applies to the total fees payable for that academic term with the balance of fees payable according to published fee deadlines. The deposit must be paid prior to registration.

International Education

Visit the Camosun International website for specific information on international fees.

Tuition Fees & Payment

Tuition rates and fees are approved annually. See each program page and the course fee listings for details.

Program and Course Fees

Generally, Camosun sets course tuition based on a cost-per-hour calculation taking into account course type, delivery costs, and external market comparisons. For the purpose of assigning tuition rates, programs with similar operating features are generally grouped into categories. Course hours are referenced in the course description for each course.

To meet the needs of our diverse learners, Camosun may at times offer courses of different durations and delivery types (e.g. face-to-face, online, blended) where standard course hours may vary. However, courses providing learners identical benefits (e.g. learning outcomes, credits, etc.) will be charged equivalent tuition rates. Fees vary by course and by program. A complete listing of course fees is available on the Camosun website.


Tuition fees are applicable to the year in which the apprentice course occurs.

Fees are due at least 60 days prior to start date. Students who drop at least 60 days prior to start date will receive a full tuition refund. Students who drop 30-60 days prior to start date will receive tuition refund minus $175. Students who drop within 30 days of program start or after program start will not receive a refund of tuition. 

Co-operative Education/Internships/Work Terms

Tuition for co-operative education and internship work terms is calculated by the duration of the work term, and are due according to the standard fee deadlines for each term.

Course Audit - General Interest

Members of the community can audit credit courses for half the tuition, plus student fees and levies. Course fees are due according to the standard fee deadlines for each term.

International Education

A complete listing of the current tuition for international students studying at Camosun is available on the college website. 

Student Society Fees and Levies

Student Society (CCSS) fees and levies are approved annually and changes will take effect in September 1.

Tuition & Fee  Payment Deadlines

Fees are due according to published deadlines and/or in correspondence from the Office of the Registrar. 

Late Payment Fee 

It is a student’s responsibility to pay fees by the fee deadline. Failure to pay fees by the deadline will result in a late payment fee being assessed according to the amount of fees owing. The late payment fee will be assessed as follows: 


Amount Owing Late Payment Fee
Less than $50 None 
$50 to $499  $50
Greater than $500 $100


Non-payment of fees may result in de-registration as well as a restriction being placed on the student file. See “Student File Restrictions” for details.

Payment Methods 

See also How to pay your fees

Direct Payment 

Payment may be made via online banking, debit cards/Interac, or cheque/money order. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted. 

Credit cards are not accepted for domestic fees (except for the application fee and registration deposit). 


If fees are paid by a sponsoring agency, a fully completed and authorized Sponsor Agency Approval for Fees form must be submitted by the fee payment deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a valid sponsorship for any/all sessions. 

Students should be aware that sponsor agencies may require considerable lead-time to approve sponsorship. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm with the sponsor whether the extended health and/or dental plan will be sponsored. If the sponsorship does not include the premiums for the Student Benefits Plan, the student is required to opt out or pay the assessed fees by the published fee deadlines.

The sponsor agency will be sent an invoice by the college Finance office after the tuition fee deadline. 

Passport to Education 

The Provincial Passport to Education (awarded to secondary school students) may be applied towards the payment of tuition fees for academic, career or vocational programs/courses at Camosun College. Please note that the Passport to Education must be used within five years (of June 30) of the year of issue. Refer to expiry dates printed on the passport.

Registration Deposit Transfers

Registration deposits are applied to the current term tuition & fees and are non-refundable. Under certain circumstances, the deposit may be transferred as part of an approved admission deferral or transferred to a future term. Continuing students may request a registration deposit transfer prior to the tuition & fee payment deadline.

If you are new to your program, and would like to delay your start term, refer to Deferring an Offer of Admission

If you are a continuing student who has decided you are not able to attend this term, you may request a deposit transfer prior to the tuition & fee payment deadline. A deposit transfer will only be granted once. Registration deposit transfer requests after the tuition & fee payment deadline will not be considered.  

Before submitting your deposit transfer request, you must withdraw from your enrolled and waitlisted courses. 

Co-operative Education/Internship

In some cases, the non-refundable registration deposit may be transferred to the next term if it cannot be applied towards a course in the current term.

Fee Refunds

Application and Assessment

Application fees and assessment fees are non-refundable.

Registration Deposit

The registration deposit is non-refundable, except in the following circumstance:

  • Fully Refunded: students who are still waitlisted for all classes on the day following the add/drop deadline and have never registered for any course during this time
  • Co-operative Education/Internship: Students who do not register in either a work term or courses should see the Co-operative Education and Career Services office for potential refund options of the Registration Deposit. 
Tuition Fee Refunds

To receive a refund (less the non-refundable registration deposit), students must officially drop a course according to the following timelines:

  • 100% refund - Students must officially drop prior to the first day of the term*
  • 80% refund - Students must officially drop within seven (7) calendar days following the first day of the term*

* For courses that start outside of the term start week, the deadlines are calculated based upon the course start date.

Refunds are issued by direct deposit - students are encouraged to enter their direct deposit information on myCamosun early to avoid delays in refund processing.

Co-operative Education/Internship

Co-op students unable to secure a placement will be eligible for a tuition refund. Students who are unplaced for a work term must obtain a signed withdrawal form obtainable from the Co-operative Education and Career Services office, and present it to Registration. This form must be submitted no later than five (5) days after the last possible day to start a work term in order for students to receive a refund of the Co-op/Internship tuition. No refund will be given following the withdrawal deadline of five days after the last possible day to begin a work term. 

Course Audit

Audited courses are subject to standard refund deadlines as posted.

International Education

Refer to the International website for the international student refund policy.

Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals

Students who have serious medical or compassionate circumstances may apply for a late drop and possible tuition refund. Requests will normally only be considered up to the last day of instructional activity (prior to final exams).

Refer to Policy E-2.8 Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals

Student Society Fees and Levies (Ancillary) Refunds

Refunds of Student Society fees and levies* are not provided after the add and drop deadlines

Note In the case of the Student Benefit fee, students who drop below full-time status prior to the opt-out date will be refunded their Student Benefit fee.

Sponsored Students

Sponsored students are advised that refunds will be provided to the sponsoring agency.

Miscellaneous Fees & Charges

Fees are subject to change.


Official Documents 2022/23
Courier Service: Within Canada $20
Courier Service: To USA $30
Courier Service: International  $50
Replacement Credential $TBD
Letter/Verification of Enrolment  $10
Replacement Photo ID $15
Transcript Fee: Online (myCamosun) $10
Transcript Fee: In-person/by mail $20
Transcript Fee: Fax and Mail (additional cost per transcript) $3
Assessments and Evaluations 2022/23
Assessment Test $TBD
External Testing $TBD
Keyboarding Assessments $TBD
Transfer Credit 2022/23
Transfer Credit Evaluation*: within BC $50
Transfer Credit Evaluation*: within Canada $80
Transfer Credit Evaluation*: outside Canada $100
     * per transcript  
Miscellaneous 2022/23
NSF Charge $20

Dishonoured Payments (NSF)

The consequences of issuing a dishonoured cheque or credit card rest entirely on the student. Students who realize a cheque issued to the college may be returned for any reason should, for their own interest, contact the college’s Finance office immediately. All issuers of dishonoured cheques or credit cards to the college will be charged for each dishonoured cheque (or credit card).

If a cheque or credit card issued to the college is returned by the financial institution to the college, the following will  happen:

  • The college will mail a dishonoured cheque or credit card advice to the student at the address on record in the student’s registration file;
  • A dishonoured cheque or credit card is to be redeemed within five working days of the date of the written advice. The student remains liable for the transaction. The college will take all legal steps necessary to recover such debts;
  • Students who have unsettled dishonoured cheque or credit card debts owing to the college will not be permitted to register again at the college until such debts plus all related costs assessed by the college have been satisfactorily settled;
  • Students who redeem a dishonoured cheque or credit card will be assessed the normal tuition amounts applicable. (There will be no tuition penalty; however, the dishonoured cheque/credit card fee will not be waived or cancelled.) Such students, however, cannot be guaranteed seats. Course seats may be filled immediately as they are vacated. Issuing a dishonoured cheque may therefore prevent students from getting a seat(s) in the course they want;
  • The college reserves the right to ask that dishonoured cheques or credit cards be redeemed in cash, by money order, by bank certified cheque or by bank debit card; and,
  • The college reserves the right to refuse to accept payment by cheque or credit card from anyone who has tendered two cheques or credit cards to the college which have been returned by the bank.

Student File Restrictions

Students will be restricted from registration and other services for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of fees, including Camosun College Student Society fees 
  • Academic or non-academic misconduct
  • Submission of a dishonoured cheque or credit card for payment of fees 
  • Other situations as determined by the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar will not issue official documents such as transcripts or parchments when restrictions are on file. 

Tax Forms

T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income

If you received financial assistance from Camosun in the form of a grant, bursary or award, a T4A for tax purposes will be issued to you for the cumulative amount.  This may include, but not limited to, Adult Upgrading Grants (AUG), bursaries, scholarships, or other awards received through the College within the tax (calendar) year. Amounts on T4As are considered ‘other income’.  For further information visit Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202).

T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (previously T2202A)

The T2202 summarizes eligible tuition, fees, and months of study for qualifying courses. 

For further information visit Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202).