Academic Calendar 2024-25 
    Jul 15, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2024-25

ASDP 102 - Internship Work Experience 1

Credits: 6 Total Hours: 300
Restricted to students who have met the co-operative education participation requirements.
This work term is an experiential learning opportunity designed for students to explore and become familiar with the culture of their discipline and industry/field. In this course, students will link their academic knowledge and emerging discipline-specific skills in a structured and supportive work environment. Student reflection is guided through a series of course assignments, with students setting learning goals and identifying areas for improvement.

A site visit is an integral component of the course, involving the student, Workplace Supervisor, and Co-op Field Instructor. Students are supported in the work term by the Co-op Field Instructor who mentors and acts as a bridge between the academic and work realms. The Workplace Supervisor and the Co-op Field Instructor work in partnership to assess student work performance and/or assignments.

All of:

  • COM in CDEV WPS   
  • Completion of 8 or more Arts and Science Studies program courses with a cumulative GPA of C+ (3.0)