Academic Calendar 2024-25 
    Jun 18, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2024-25

Financial Aid & Awards

Detailed information on application procedures is available through the Financial Aid & Awards website.


General regulations

  • Government student loan and grants are paid directly to the student (unless students request a portion to be directed towards the school).  Some exceptions, including the Adult Upgrading Grant and Provincial Tuition Waiver Program, will be applied directly to the student tuition account.

  • Camosun Foundation awards and bursaries are generally issued directly to students, unless otherwise directed by the donor.

  • Except where a donor directs otherwise, the proceeds of external awards received at the College will be applied towards a student’s total fees for the academic year. If the financial aid a student receives exceeds this amount, the balance will generally be paid to the student. 

  • An award or bursary may be withheld or cancelled if there is a lack of suitable candidates or a donor withdraws the award, or if the student receiving the award withdraws from the College or fails to meet the terms and conditions of the award.

  • If for any reason the original recipient becomes ineligible for an award, the funds may be reassigned to other students.

  • Unless otherwise noted, all financial aid available through the College is limited to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Entrance Awards & Bursaries

Entrance Awards are given to outstanding students entering full-time Camosun College credential programs. All Entrance awards are adjudicated on a competitive basis.  An application is required.

Entrance Bursaries are given to students entering full time studies at Camosun College. Entrance bursaries are based on financial need and additional criteria.  An application is required.

Selection is based on academic standing or financial need and on additional criteria as outlined on the award specific information. Other factors may be taken into consideration such as participation in school activities, community involvement, and demonstrated leadership qualities. Where applicable, these additional criteria are listed under the award information. 

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Bursaries are non-repayable awards based on financial need. Bursaries are available for students currently attending the College. Information about the online bursary application is available on the Financial Aid & Awards website.

General bursaries require an application be submitted by the posted deadlines.

To be eligible for a bursary, students must satisfy all eligibility criteria and maintain registration in a minimum 60% of a full course load (typically 9.0 credits or more) in the term for which they receive a bursary. Students with a permanent disability must maintain registration in a minimum 40% of a full course load (typically 6.0 credits or more) to be considered for bursaries.

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Awards are presented annually to recognize students for outstanding achievement. Awards may be based on high grade point average and/or additional criteria such as volunteer or community involvement. Some awards require an application or nomination while other recipients are selected by the award sponsor.

Some awards are available directly through Schools and Centres. Students are encouraged to inquire with their school office for more information about the awards and scholarships it oversees.

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Grants are non-repayable awards based on financial need as determined by the office or agency contributing the award. 

Grants are available for full-time students, part-time students, for students with permanent disabilities, for students with dependents, and for students from low/middle income families.

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Government loans are available to students studying in eligible programs at the post-secondary level, are repayable, and are based on financial need. Both the federal and provincial governments offer student loans. Only one application is needed to be considered for both types of loans.  British Columbia students apply to StudentAid BC for both BC student loans and for Canada Student Loans. An application for StudentAid BC is available online.  Students from other Canadian provinces and territories should apply for student loans through their home province or territory. 

Full-time funding

Full-time funding requires students to maintain at least 60% of a full-time course load (40% for students with a permanent disability) in an eligible program.

Part-time funding

Part-time funding requires students to maintain between 20% and 59% of a full-time course load in an eligible program. Students with a permanent disability who need help with living costs can elect to apply for a full-time loan if they are studying in 40% or more of a full-time credit load.

Note: Part-time funding assesses for educational costs only (tuition, student fees, books and supplies, transportation, and child care). Students receiving part-time funding will not be assessed for living costs.

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Other Funding

There are a variety of sources for financial support for which students may qualify.  These may include, but not limited to, emergency bursaries, grants for students with permanent disabilities, financial aid for upgrading or former youth in care students.

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