Academic Calendar 2021-22 
    Aug 14, 2022  
Academic Calendar 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sport and Fitness Leadership - Exercise & Wellness (Bachelor’s Degree)

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Total Credits: 122+
Credential: Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership - Exercise and Wellness Specialization  
Program Code: SFL.EXW.BDEG
CIP: 31.0501



The Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership (BSFL) is a four-year degree that prepares students for the development, leadership, delivery, and management of sport and fitness programs. The Bachelor of Sport and Fitness Leadership degree offers one specialization: Exercise and Wellness.

The students will study physical activity adoption and maintenance to optimize fitness and health in both apparently healthy individuals and those with chronic disease risk factors. The Students will gain the skills to work across diverse age, gender, culture and ability populations in the areas of individual and group fitness, high performance sport and exercise leadership. 

This degree provides students with the knowledge and skills to lead children, adults and seniors to be active and healthy.

Career/Academic Advancement Opportunities

There are diverse employment opportunities for graduates: municipal recreation; corporate wellness programs; private fitness facilities; educational institutions; local, provincial and national sport organizations; professional sport organizations; multi-disciplinary clinics; provincial health institutions; high performance sport; adventure  leadership; marketing; media and public relations.

Graduates have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to pursue graduate studies in sport and fitness and health promotion, corporate wellness, physical education, exercise physiology, occupational therapy or physiotherapy.

Graduates from the BSFL Exercise & Wellness Specialization meet the requirements to write the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiologists (CSEP) - Certified Exercise Physiologist® (CEP) exam as well as other fitness related certifications.  


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Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking skills to problem-solving and decision-making in sport/fitness and health related industries.
  • Design, implement and evaluate appropriate assessment techniques for sport/fitness and health related performance.
  • Program, market and promote sport/fitness and health related events in community and corporate settings.
  • Apply skills in facility and human resource management in community and corporate settings.
  • Apply knowledge of personal and professional ethics to sport/fitness and health related environments.
  • Apply skills in financial management, revenue generation, and economic development applicable to sport/fitness and health related industries.
  • Provide leadership through participation in professional organizations, practical experiences and volunteer activities.
  • Develop, manage and coordinate fitness programs to foster participation, enjoyment and health.
  • Develop, manage and lead a minimum of two group exercise areas (yoga, Pilates, boot camp) at a range of levels to foster optimum performance, personal excellence and lifelong participation.
  • Conduct personal fitness and health assessments.
  • Design and implement a variety of exercise programs which promote inclusion and participation among diverse populations regardless of age, gender, culture or ability.
  • Provide fitness and health counseling for apparently healthy individuals and/or clients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity or cardio-vascular disease.


Year One


* Student may use ENGL 161  or ENGL 163  or ENGL 164  in lieu of ENGL 151 toward program completion.

Year Two

All of:

Year Three

All of:

Year Four

All of:

  • SFL 410 - Social Process in Sport & Fitness Credits: 3
  • SFL 430 - Outdoor Adventure Leadership Credits: 3
  • SPEX 400 - Chronic Disease Management Credits: 3
  • SPEX 412 - Physical Activity & Mental Health Credits: 3
  • SPEX 420 - Sport & Fitness Management Credits: 3
  • SPEX 430 - Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Credits: 3
  • SPEX 450 - Advanced Exercise Physiology Credits: 3
  • Two (2) electives Credits: 6

Mandatory Work Experience

One of:

  • SFL 402 - Internship Credits: 4
  • SFL 402P - Parallel Internship Credits: 4
  • SFL 491 - Applied Exercise Management Credits: 3

Optional Internship Designation

All of:

  • EXW 101 - Internship Credits: 4

Program Participation Requirements

  • Standard First Aid and CPR-BLS. This must be completed by the end of the 1st semester in the program. 
  • Criminal Record Check required.

*Students are responsible for all expenses associated with completing these certifications


Program Completion Requirements

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 (C+) is required to graduate from the program.

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