Academic Calendar 2021-22 
    Apr 18, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2021-22 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Important Dates & Notices

NOTICES: None at this time.

There are a variety of start and end dates for course sections. Check your myCamosun Class Schedule. Below you’ll find the deadlines for paying fees, the course drop and add dates, the last day to withdraw without academic penalty, and the tuition refund deadline. 

If your courses don’t start on the standard dates listed below, please see the list of non-standard course sections (available June 15).

Fall Term

September 2021
Date Activity
Sept. 6 Labour Day (closed)
Sept. 7 Fall term begins
Sept. 16 Course Add/Drop/Refund Deadline
Sept. 20 Tuition and fees due
Sept. 30 Truth and Reconciliation Day (closed)
October 2021
Date Activity
Oct. 11 Thanksgiving Day (closed)
Oct. 15 Final exam schedule posted
Oct. 21 ShakeOut
November 2021
Date Activity
Nov. 9 Last day to withdraw without academic penalty
Nov. 11 Remembrance Day (closed)
Nov. 15 Application to Graduate opens
December 2021
Date Activity
Dec. 11 Last day of instruction
Dec. 13 - 21 Exam period
Dec. 25 Holiday break (closed)
Dec. 31 Application to Graduate closes


Winter Term

January 2022
Date Activity
Jan. 4 College re-opens
Jan. 10 Winter term begins
Jan. 19 Course Add/Drop/Refund Deadline
Jan. 21 Tuition & fees due
February 2022
Date Activity
Feb. 18 Final exam schedule posted
Feb. 21 Family Day (closed)
Feb. 22 - 25 Reading Week
Feb. 23 Registrar’s Office & Student Affairs closed
Feb. 25 Conversations Day (closed)
Feb. 25 T2202 Tuition & Enrolment Certificate available
March 2022
Date Activity
Mar. 15 Application to Graduate opens
April 2022
Date Activity
Apr. 14 Last day of instruction
Apr. 15 Good Friday (closed)
Apr. 18 Easter Monday (closed)
Apr. 19 - 27 Exam period
Apr. 30 Application to Graduate closes


Summer Term

The Summer Term includes:

Summer Term: 14-week courses occuring from May to August

Spring Session: 7-week courses occuring in May/June

Summer Session: 7-week courses occuring in July/August

May 2022
Date Activity
May 2 Summer term begins (14-week courses)
May 2 Spring session begins (7-week courses)
May 11 Course Add/Drop/Refund Deadline
May 13 Tuition & fees due
May 20 Final exam schedule posted (Spring session & Summer term)
May 23 Victoria Day (closed)
June 2022
Date Activity
Jun. 14 - 17 Convocation Ceremonies
Jun. 18 Last day of instruction for Spring session (7-week courses)
Jun. 20 - 22 Exam period for Spring session (7-week courses)
July 2022
Date Activity
Jul. 1 Canada Day (closed)
Jul. 4 Summer session courses begin (7-week courses)
Jul. 22 Final exam schedule posted (Summer session)
August 2022
Date Activity
Aug. 1 British Columbia Day (closed)
Aug. 6 Last day of instruction for Summer term (14-week)
Aug. 8 - 16 Final exam period for Summer term (14-week)
Aug. 20 Last day of instruction for Summer session (7-week)
Aug. 22 - 24 Final exam period for Summer session (7-week)