Academic Calendar 2021-22 
    Oct 20, 2021  
Academic Calendar 2021-22

Graduation & Convocation

The Office of the Registrar is the sole authority responsible for evaluating student academic records to ensure all program completion and graduation requirements are met as approved by Education Council. This includes validating all courses completed, residency requirements, and minimum grades achieved.

Application for Graduation

Each degree, diploma, or certificate candidate must formally apply to graduate by completing the Application for Graduation available on myCamosun. Students who are not eligible to graduate will submit another application by the appropriate future deadline.

Application Deadlines

All dates and deadlines regarding graduation and convocation are located in Important Dates & Notices .

Outstanding Accounts

Students owing fees, fines or other charges will not be permitted to graduate and will have academic transcripts withheld.


A credential is evidence of program completion and is represented as a notation on the academic transcript. A parchment is a document that recognizes the credential. See Academic Regulations  for more information on credential standards.

Academic Transcripts

After official verification and after completion of the conferral process, the Registrar’s Office includes an official notation on all academic transcripts of graduated students that the degree, diploma, or certificate has been awarded. This notation includes the major(s) and any specialization designation, and any academic distinction, Internship, or Co-operative Education designations.


The conferral of degrees, diplomas, and certificates occurs at the start of each term for those who have completed all program requirements in the previous term and applied to graduate by the posted deadlines. Once produced, parchments are mailed to the address indicated on the application to graduate.

Term of Completion Conferral Convocation Ceremony
Fall January June
Winter May June
Summer September June



Names on Parchments

Typically, the full legal name of the graduand will appear on the parchment. However, the College recognizes and supports that many members of its community may choose to use a first name other than their legal name to identify themselves. In such cases, a student may wish to have their ‘chosen’ first name on their parchment. Students are encouraged to carefully consider, as once conferred a credential cannot be altered.

However, the full legal name of the graduand will appear on the transcript.

Issuing of Parchments

The original parchment is provided to the graduand as part of the graduation process.

The Office of the Registrar will maintain a standard for credential parchments, including naming conventions, design, and signatures, ensuring consistency with commonly accepted practices. 

Certificates of Completion are prepared and issued by the offering school/unit, using a standardized template provided and maintained by the Office of the Registrar. 

Parchment(s) will be issued only after all graduation requirements are met, the student has applied for graduation, and the graduation audit has been conducted and verified. 

Upon formal request, the Registrar’s Office will issue a replacement credential to a graduate whose name has changed or whose credential has been lost/destroyed.

Note Credentials will not be issued for a student whose file has a restriction/hold.



Graduands include only those whose degrees, diplomas, or certificates have been approved and who have no outstanding accounts with the College. The list of graduands is compiled and maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

The graduands process as a discrete group, sit in an area reserved for graduands, and proceed to the platform to have their credential conferred under the guidance of the Marshals of the Graduands. Unless a graduand can demonstrate a special need (e.g. service dog), no one except approved graduands will process and sit with the graduands, or appear on the platform for conferral.


Guest seating at Convocation is open to the general public subject to availability of seats within prescribed safety limits of the venue. However, the first priority for guest seating is assigned to invited guests of Camosun College graduands.

Platform Party

The Platform Party includes the Registrar, the President, the Chair of the Board of Governors, Deans, Vice-Presidents, and all those distinguished guests invited to Convocation by the President. The Platform Party processes as a discrete group and sits according to a seating plan in a reserved area of the platform.

Academic Staff Party

The Academic Staff Party is restricted to current and retired faculty members. The Academic Staff process as a discrete group and sit on the platform.

Academic Dress

At Convocation, graduating students wear celebratory regalia with a hood associated with the credential being conferred, as described below.


Bachelor’s degree graduands wear a blue gown.

Diploma and certificate graduands wear a black gown.

In place of the gown, the College invites Indigenous graduands to wear cultural dress in combination with the hood associated with their academic program.


All graduands will wear a hood associated with the credential being conferred. The colours of each hood are established by the Registrar in accordance with standards of practice at post-secondary institutions in Canada.


Graduands in the academic procession will be provided with the approved academic headwear which is worn at the Convocation ceremony.

Graduands may opt to wear religious headwear or cultural Indigenous headwear in place of the academic cap provided.