Academic Calendar 2024-25 
    Jun 19, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2024-25

Digital Production, Writing and Design (Certificate)

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Total Credits: 30+
Credential: Certificate in Digital Production
Program Code: DPWD.CERT
CIP: 9.0702


The Digital Production, Writing and Design Program provides students with skills to be successful in the fast-changing digital media industry. Graduates combine technology and creativity to create products such as web pages, videos, still images and written copy for academic, commercial and social purposes such as marketing, public relations, advocacy, ethnography and storytelling.

This is primarily a hands-on program where students learn by doing, and do by learning. It is different from the Digital Communications certificate, which is an academic approach to communications. Over two semesters the Digital Production, Writing and Design program offers a practical approach to the study of media, with supporting academic courses. Students develop hands-on skills in the following aspects of media production: digital photography, web-based design, digital production, and writing. Successful graduates of the program will have composition, design, and storytelling skills supported by fundamental theoretical and technical knowledge. Graduates will combine excellent team, interpersonal and project management skills with creativity and strong personal initiative. Particular emphasis is put on the process of creating products through the phases of planning, implementation, and distribution.

Students can complete an optional internship work experience in this program.

Career/Academic Advancement Opportunities

Graduates can move immediately into entry level positions in the marketplace upon completion of the program. Students can combine completion of the courses in this program with 30 additional credits to achieve a diploma in Arts and Science Studies or to enter Royal Roads University’s Bachelor of Professional Communication Program. As well, students can use courses in this program to fulfill elective requirements in other Camosun programs or use courses toward meeting transfer requirements to other institutions.


One of:

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the learner will be able to 

  1. Demonstrate effective use of media tools and design to efficiently capture, create and manipulate digital products. 
  2. Communicate effectively, concisely and persuasively to fulfill a specific purpose and meet audience and/or client needs. 
  3. Support and promote the effectiveness of others in the workplace.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to plan, produce, implement and evaluate a digital media product.
  5. Function in a responsible and accountable manner respecting individuals, communities, and the legal and ethical standards of the communication industry.
  6. Develop and apply workplace preparation strategies and skills.


Additional Information

  • All courses will transfer to the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University, or Simon Fraser University. Graduates can also take 30 more Arts and Science credits to qualify for direct entry to Royal Roads’ Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication degree, or complete an Arts and Science diploma.
  • The standard start date is the Fall semester although students may begin at the start of any semester. Some of the required courses are offered only in Fall or Winter, so students should plan accordingly.