Academic Calendar 2022-23 
    Jul 15, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2022-23 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English for Academic Purposes (Certificate)

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Credential:                 Certificate in English for Academic Purposes
Program Code: EAP.CERT
CIP: 16.1701


Students will focus on core language skills and competencies which become increasingly complex as language proficiency increases. These include reading, writing and oral/aural skills, along with critical thinking, problem solving, group interaction and study skills.

Students who successfully complete the required courses will have the language skills necessary for post-secondary programs, including those requiring English 12 prerequisites. Students will be able to function effectively in situations typical of the teaching and learning environments at Canadian colleges, vocational institutes, and universities.


  • Students must meet the pre-requisites for each individual course or complete an English Language Placement Assessment.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate academic readings and literary essays for content, quality and logical development
    • Evaluate argument for validity, reliability, and objectivity
    • Recognize the organizational methods used to develop a topic or an argument
    • Examine the connections between purpose, audience, and style in a variety of readings
    • Recognize the difference between facts and opinions
    • Recognize the difference between ideas and support
    • Summarize, make inferences, draw conclusions and evaluate readings critically
    • Select relevant sources of information for research purposes
  • Produce academic assignments using the writing process, including brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing
    • Identify purpose and audience in order to choose suitable language and organizational styles
    • Write various types of paragraphs and essays in and out of class
    • Use concrete evidence such as statistics, quotations, and anecdotes in writing
    • Edit written work for content, structure, grammar, punctuation, and usage
    • Connect ideas coherently
    • Access, evaluate and use a variety of sources, which may include personal knowledge, interviews, print, and electronic based-media
    • Integrate research into an essay or report
    • Cite and document sources where necessary using academic citation practices
  • Present information and ideas orally using effective language in both formal and informal situations
    • Give and respond to feedback respectfully and appropriately
    • Collaborate and consult effectively with others in completing tasks
    • Recognize and respect intercultural diversity and individual differences
    • Select and use effective visual and/or auditory presentation aids
  • Demonstrate academic reading, critical thinking, and discussion skills while examining works of literature
    • Examine how historical context, including cultural, social and political factors, shapes both literature and the understanding of literature
    • Identify and respond to themes of literary works
    • Identify and use appropriate literary terms, such as metaphor, irony, and setting, when analyzing fiction, poetry, and drama
    • Distinguish between the meanings of literal and figurative language
    • Identify and respond to cultural differences through literature
  • Plan and produce coherent and well-organized written assignments based on literary texts
    • Produce different types of literary writing assignments, including essays
    • Integrate quotations and paraphrases from literary works correctly into paragraphs and essays using academic citation practices
    • Support an understanding of theme with reference to relevant literary devices


Program Completion

The completion of both ELD 092  and ELD 094 , or ELD 097  will indicate that the student has developed the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills required to enter college level programs and will provide the student with a Certificate in English for Academic Purposes. 

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