Academic Calendar 2022-23 
    Apr 24, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2022-23 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Performance (Diploma)

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Total Credits: 58+
Credential: Diploma in Music Performance
Program Code: MUSP.DIP
CIP: 50.0903


Music Performance is a two-year program of full-time study offered through partnership with the Victoria Conservatory of Music. The program is designed to provide a deep, practical training in music, instilling the skills vital for success in the 21st-century music workplace. A common first year of study provides intensive instruction in individual and group performance, establishes the fundamentals of written and aural theory, and lays the foundation for professional use of music technologies. An open second year of study allows students to select options in composition or performance with a focus on classical or contemporary music.

Music Performance is ideal for pre-professional or upgrading-professional musicians who desire a strong and current performance-based training program to support their potential career in the music industry. Entering students are assessed for readiness to thrive in our music-focussed post-secondary learning environment.

Career/Academic Advancement Opportunities

Upon completion of the program, graduates are able to work in a variety of professional settings for music, to apprentice through elite performance training programs, or to move on to further study at university to complete a B. Mus. degree in any number of music or music education disciplines.


One of:

And all of:

The program has three intake deadlines: February 28, April 15 and June 1

Your VCM Application requires a $75 Application fee. See the VCM website for more information 

  • Submit proof of assessment of:
    • Performance: Demonstrated ability on a principal instrument through performance of repertoire and technique in keeping with their expressed professional goals, and give evidence of past music endeavors and personal music habits.
    • Aural Theory: Demonstrated ability to match with voice pitches played on the piano, sing basic melodic intervals, identify by ear basic chords and scales, and express quality of intonation.
    • Written Theory:  At the time of the audition, students will take a Theory Placement Assessment (sample TPA) to determine the level of music theory knowledge. Students who have completed MUSF 121, MUSC 111 , or RCM Grade 8 theory with a C grade or higher are exempted from this requirement.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Perform a balanced selection of the professional solo and ensemble repertoire on a principal instrument or voice.
  • Infer from experience with music performance and music history appropriate stylistic performance practice on a principal instrument or voice.
  • Apply principles of oral and written music theory, musical improvisation, composition and analysis in the performance and interpretation of familiar and unfamiliar music.
  • Organize and manage a plan for personal technical and musical development toward a professional goal in the field of music.
  • Evaluate personal standards of music making against current professional standards in a variety of music fields.
  • Use appropriate tools, techniques, systems and processes to augment professional practice as a musician.
  • Communicate effectively using music technologies in a variety of contexts.


Year One

Year Two

Instrument Standards and Expectations

  • Students of portable instruments must provide, transport, store and maintain in optimal working order their own instruments, including reeds, swabs, bows, microphones, cords, amplifiers, power supplies, and related software and hardware, as needed by their chosen courses.

Minimum Music Competency

  • Many first year Music courses require MUSC 111  as a prerequisite. Auditioning students who have completed the assessment of music theory and have demonstrated fluency with written music rudiments at First-Class Honours standard in each element on a timed written examination will have met this prerequisite requirement. All other students will be required to upgrade their written theory prior to the beginning of the program or during their first two semesters of studies by taking MUSC 110  - Fundamentals of Music Theory 1 and/or MUSC 111 . The addition of MUSC 110  and/or MUSC 111  may lengthen completion of the program by one year.

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