Academic Calendar 2022-23 
    Apr 18, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2022-23 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Creativity and Performance Foundations (Certificate)

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Total Credits: 33+
Credential: Certificate in Music Creativity and Performance Foundations
Program Code: MUSF.CERT
CIP: 50.0903


The Certificate in Music Creativity and Performance Foundations is a one-year course of studies and is designed for students intending to pursue studies in music at the postsecondary level, and who may require additional learning, including theory/rudiments and one-to-one studio instruction. With a focus on performance theory, music creativity and performance practice, the program is designed to ensure that students master the foundational elements of their chosen area of musical study and have instructed opportunity to explore aspects of creativity and practice in music. Students receive intensive one-to-one studio instruction on their chosen principal instrument with the goal of introducing them to new repertoire; enhancing their practicing skills and technical fluency; exploring creative expression: and developing excellence in many aspects of performance.

Opportunities for Academic Advancement

Upon completion of the Certificate in Music Creativity and Performance Foundations, graduates are well prepared to enter the Diploma in Music Performance program. Some MCPF courses taken as a part of the Music Creativity and Performance Foundations may be applied toward the Diploma in Music Performance and Music Creativity and Performance Foundations should graduates choose to audition for placement in these programs and continue their music studies at Camosun College.


One of:

And all of:

Applicants will submit two application forms:

*The VCM Application additionally requests two letters of reference outlining the applicant’s musical skills and accomplishments and suitability for postsecondary study in music.

Application deadlines

  • Application deadline for early admission to Fall Term is February 28 of the same calendar year. Auditions are scheduled for March 15-April 15.  Second Round application deadline is April 15. Auditions are scheduled for late April - June 1.
  • The Third Round application deadline is June 1. Auditions will be held June 5-15. In some cases, students may be admitted as late as August.  All application materials must be received complete and in full before the candidate is moved to audition.


Applicants from Vancouver Island and within a day’s travel of Victoria are expected to perform a live audition. Long-distance applicants may consider submitting a recorded audition. Applicants are advised that a recorded audition may not reflect the depth of the applicant’s skills, and therefore a recorded audition can be less successful overall than a live audition. Any applicant may be given the opportunity to have an additional one-on-one assessment if in the opinion of the audition committee it would benefit the applicant. Auditions are valid only for the year in which they are taken. Recordings used for audition purposes must have been recorded within three months of the date of application.


  • Recommendation of Victoria Conservatory of Music
  • Acceptance into the Music Creativity and Performance Foundations program is by VCM audition only. Students who successfully audition will be recommended to Camosun for completion of their student registration at Camosun. Students who do not fulfill the registration requirements set by Camosun will not be accepted into the program. Only students who successfully audition, and are successfully registered by Camosun, will be considered students of the VCM for the purposes of this program. Before final acceptance into the Music Creativity and Performance Foundations program, students must provide signature proof that they have read the information; conduct policies and expectations; and requests for waivers/permissions detailed in the VCM Student Manual before final acceptance by the VCM.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate musical performance competence at an intermediate to advanced solo level that also supports effective participation as members of large and small ensembles.
  • Demonstrate foundational concepts and principles of music theory, musicianship, and music history as they apply to musical practice and performance.
  • Apply techniques and applied skills related to achieving successful performance in a variety of contexts.
  • Communicate musical and creative ideas effectively within a variety of large and small ensemble performance environments.
  • Apply learned knowledge in the creation of original musical work.
  • Demonstrate foundational skills and knowledge to work with music technology.
  • Demonstrate adaptability, resourcefulness, and continued self-development as a musician.


Program Participation Requirements


  • Students are expected to own or have legal title/ responsibility to use the instrument they define as their Principal Instrument. It is expected that the instrument (including voice) that a student auditions with will be their Principal Instrument. Students of portable instruments must provide, transport, store and maintain in optimal working order their own instruments, including reeds, swabs, bows, microphones, cords, amplifiers, power supplies, and related software and hardware as needed.

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