Academic Calendar 2024-25 
    Jun 18, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2024-25

MATH 077 - College Preparatory - Mathematics 1

Credits: 3 Total Hours: 120
This course meets the entry requirements for Pre-calculus 11. In this course, you will build a strong foundation in algebra and trigonometry within a fixed-paced format. You will learn to solve linear equations (in one and two variables), master inequalities, apply graphing techniques, and gain proficiency with polynomials. Additionally, you will perform mathematical operations involving variation, tackle rational and radical expressions and equations, and become adept at solving problems related to quadratic functions. You will also develop confidence in using sine and cosine laws while exploring the fundamentals of triangle trigonometry. This course serves as an excellent alternate option for students seeking a structured and fixed-paced learning experience, combining the content of both the 072 and 073 courses into one comprehensive course.

This course meets all the required learning outcomes in Mathematics: Advanced Level (Algebraic) as outlined in the BC Adult Basic Education Articulation Handbook.

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