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    Jun 17, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2024-25

Education and Career Planning (Certificate)

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Credential: Certificate in Education and Career Planning 
Program Code:         EDCP.CERT
CIP: 32.0105


Students in the Education and Career Planning (EDCP) program will experience a transformative, applied learning experience in which they develop the skills to set realistic goals and create personal plans for future education and careers in a diverse and changing world.

The program welcomes adult learners at any stage of life who are engaged in a transition to explore career and educational opportunities. A strengths-based approach in a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment supports resilience, self-awareness, wellness, and personal leadership skills.

To inform their future goals and plans, learners identify, research, and critically analyze information on occupations and labour markets. They also explore and familiarize themselves with post-secondary education programming, pathways, services, and resources.

Learners develop communication and interpersonal skills in order to enhance their ability to interact effectively and respectfully with diverse individuals and groups. Learners conduct job searches and information interviews, participate in mock interviews, and develop career and educational networks. Coaching and hands-on learning activities in a variety of settings and contexts give learners the opportunity to practice and apply their skills while building self-confidence and independence. Graduates of the EDCP program are eligible for an elective credit towards the BC Adult Graduation Diploma. Flexible delivery options are available.


Students need to complete a program information session. Students without BC High School English 12 are eligible for the program.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the learner will be able to 

  1. Apply a variety of communication skills in a variety of contexts related to education and career planning
  2. Create a research-informed and personally meaningful education and career plan
  3. Develop self-awareness and the personal leadership skills and strategies necessary to achieve goals
  4. Develop and maintain respectful relationships with diverse individuals and groups using a variety of skills and strategies
  5. Develop effective job search and interview skills and strategies using a variety of resources and media
  6. Explore and participate effectively in relevant career-path and work experiences/settings
  7. Develop skills and strategies to support financial planning, well-being and health, and to access community resources and support systems