Academic Calendar 2024-25 
    Jul 18, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2024-25

Applied Tourism and Hospitality Management (Post Degree Diploma)

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Total Credits: 51+
Credential: Post Degree Diploma in Applied Tourism and Hospitality Management - Internship Designation
Program Code: HMGT.PDD
CIP: 52.0901


The Post Degree Diploma in Applied Tourism and Hospitality Management is a dynamic program that provides learners with a broad understanding of the global tourism sector. It also provides the opportunity for students to choose relevant applied training in hospitality operations as well as a solid grounding in practical business skills.  Core themes of sustainability, service, entrepreneurship and cultural diversity including an indigenous world-view, will allow students to better examine the business world through a tourism lens.    
Students will combine their hospitality and tourism studies with a four-month internship. This will allow for the practical application of program concepts while gaining valuable industry-specific work experience. 
Designed for those already holding a bachelor’s degree, students will receive training that will allow for access to a wide range of tourism and hospitality employment opportunities.   


One of:

And all of:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized post-secondary institution
  • Submission of a resume and/or proof of employment which anticipates completion of 3 months or 500 hours of industry relevant experience or proof of a bachelor’s degree in business, tourism, or hospitality from a recognized post-secondary institution.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the learner will be able to 

  1. Identify the various tourism sectors and explain how they interconnect with each other, government and other regulating bodies in Canada and globally
  2. Apply effective thinking and problem-solving skills that contribute to the creation, development and performance of tourism products, services and experiences
  3. Apply best practices of sustainability to the development, assessment and performance of a tourism and/or hospitality based enterprise
  4. Recognize and adapt to the changing influences of technology on tourism or hospitality based enterprise
  5. Demonstrate a level of inter-cultural competence which contributes to the successful development and sustained performance of a tourism or hospitality based enterprise
  6. Contribute to, and manage, successful guest experiences within a tourism or hospitality based enterprise
  7. Apply human resource, business and financial knowledge/skills to supervisory, management, or leadership roles in a tourism or hospitality based enterprise
  8. Apply principles of tourism law, business ethics and corporate social responsibility to all areas of practice
  9. Explore career and industry opportunities in tourism and hospitality and develop a professional career plan


Program Completion Requirements

  • a minimum GPA of 3.0 (C+)