Academic Calendar 2024-25 
    Jul 18, 2024  
Academic Calendar 2024-25

Indigenous College Prep (Certificate)

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Total Credits: 19.5
Credential: Certificate in Indigenous College Prep
Program Code: ICP.CERT
CIP: 53.0102


This 8-month program is designed for students to upgrade their English and Math while concurrently preparing for College and University level coursework.  While upgrading their academic and learning skills, students will explore issues of Indigenous identity, wellness and community, and will be supported to develop personal, academic, and career goals.

Opportunities for Academic Advancement

Students may be able to use coursework toward post-secondary admission requirements, or specific program requirements or electives.


One of:

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the learner will be able to 

  1. Demonstrate the academic, cultural and personal knowledge, skills and readiness, necessary to succeed in post- secondary programs
  2. Demonstrate a strong foundation of basic math and writing skills, vocabulary, and strategies
  3. Explore the concept of Indigenous identity grounded in awareness of culture, land, and historical and current realities
  4. Explore issues and challenges that they can expect to encounter in post-secondary education
  5. Develop awareness of their own personal and cultural abilities, interests and potential
  6. Discuss challenges, opportunities, and issues affecting their own communities; including their personal and communities’ wellness
  7. Recognize how their own growth contributes to growth in family and community


Year One

Academic Term One

Academic Term Two


* If students take ENGL 091  in Academic Term One, then they must take ENGL 093  as their second English course in Academic Term Two. A student who has a letter grade of a C in any of the Camosun English 12 equivalents or alternates, is not required to take ENGL 091  and ENGL 093 

** Students may use MATH 052  or MATH 053  in lieu of MATH 026  toward program completion.

** Based on the mathematics assessment conducted for program admission, students may be required to take additional Fundamental Mathematics courses (one or more of MATH 021 , MATH 022 , MATH 023 , MATH 024 , or MATH 025 ) prior to enrolling in MATH 026 .

** If students complete MATH 026   in the first term, they are encouraged to continue with the next level math course(s), MATH 052 /MATH 053 , throughout the second term at the same location.