Academic Calendar 2023-2024 
    Dec 01, 2023  
Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Mining Engineering Bridge to UBC (Advanced Diploma)

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Total Credits: 36+
Credential: Advanced Diploma in Mining Engineering Bridge to the University of British Columbia
Program Code: MIENG.UBC.ADIP
CIP: 15.0901


The Mining Engineering Bridge to the University of British Columbia program is offered by Camosun College with co-operation of the University of British Columbia (UBC). Students with an approved diploma in Mining Engineering Technology can take this one year program to upgrade their mathematics, sciences, and related engineering knowledge in preparation for entering the third year of Applied Science (Engineering) at UBC.

The Mining Engineering Bridge to the University of British Columbia program is offered in the Fall and Winter semesters for entry into the third year of Engineering at the University of British Columbia in September.


This program is demanding and requires a high level of commitment.  The admission process is designed to identify the students most likely to succeed at the University.  The number of applicants meeting minimum GPA standard for admission may be greater than the number of seats in the program.  This may mean a higher GPA is used to determine admission eligibility.

All of:

  • High school transcripts - 1 official copy.
  • Other postsecondary transcripts - 1 official copy.
    • Regardless of relevance to engineering studies all post-secondary transcripts must be submitted

And one of:

  • A Diploma in Mining Engineering Technology within the last 5 years with a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.0 (B) and no individual course marks below a “C” grade - 1 official copy.
  • A Diploma in Mining Engineering Technology more than 5 years ago with a minimum cumulative GPA of 5.0 (B) and no individual course marks below a “C” grade - 1 official copy and a Letter of Intent outlining work experience and or professional development since graduation.


  • Camosun College diploma graduates are not required to submit their Camosun transcripts.
  • “In progress” transcripts may be accepted if students are currently enrolled in the final courses of their diploma program.  The courses must be completed prior to acceptance for admission.
  • Diploma programs must be accredited by Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC) to be eligible for admission. Other Canadian technology programs not accredited by TAC may be considered but will require the submission of detailed course descriptions (syllabi) for all courses.

Admission Selection Process

Stage One

  • GPA is calculated using all courses taken toward completion of a student’s Technology diploma, including all course repeats.

Stage Two

  • A joint meeting is held between the University of British Columbia and Camosun College in order to rank the applicants based on the GPA achieved to determine which applicants will be offered admission to the Bridge program. The final decision is made by the receiving university.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Apply a foundational knowledge of engineering-related mathematics to engineering studies.
  • Display an understanding of chemistry as applied to engineering problems.
  • Apply Mathlab to the solution of Mining Engineering problems.
  • Display a fundamental understanding of statics, dynamics, work and energy, and the resulting effects on engineering structures.
  • Display an introductory knowledge of waves, optics, thermal energy, electricity and magnetism, and simple electrical circuits.
  • Display an understanding of geology as it applies to Mining Engineering applications.
  • Practice core critical thinking, reading, research and writing skills transferable to academic disciplines.


Program Completion Requirements

To obtain the Camosun College Bridge credential and to be eligible for admission to third year of the Engineering Program at the University the following criteria is applicable:

  • Students must obtain a “C” grade or higher in each course.  If a “D” or “F” grade is received, the student must repeat the course and obtain a grade of “C+” or higher. Repetition of a course to obtain a higher grade will only be permitted once.
  • The Camosun College Bridge Program must be completed within two consecutive years.  If a student wants to drop or withdraw from any course they must obtain permission prior to doing so, as there may be consequences that could adversely affect their admission to the University.  Students must consult Academic Advising regarding any program or course changes.